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Drummers Of The Future - Beginner | DrummerMartijn

Do you also find it so annoying that: 

😠 you regularly get stuck with your current beginner's method?
😠 you have to use other books alongside a drum method?

Then check out the free trial exercises from DrummerMartijn's Drummers Of The Future - Beginner. Because this versatile and varied method:

✅ has a unique structure. As a result, unlike other beginner's methods, getting stuck is almost impossible, regardless of the pace at which you work through the exercises.

✅ besides focusing on grooves and fills, also addresses other essential aspects. A separate book for technique, rudiments, theory, or coordination is no longer necessary.

✅ provides many references to existing pop songs in the exercises. So, you can immediately put what you've learned into practice.

Have you always been looking for a more than complete drum method with attention to all the basic skills a beginner drummer should master?

Download this free ebook now, featuring a whopping 16 pages from DrummerMartijn's new book: Drummers Of The Future - Beginner!

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